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Mold removal or remediation for homeowners or business owners is an urgent situation requiring as-fast-as-possible cleanup work. Mold needs to be removed immediately after the growth is discovered, and it could have been exponentially expanding for some time. Mold is a severely toxic contaminant that damages all it comes into contact with, including its biological impact on humans and pets. It is, in short, one of the worst cases to hit your home or business. It is harmful to people and pets and damages the building structure itself. It can gain a foothold in your property on any wet surface and quickly, exponentially multiply into a full blown bio hazard.

Our mold removal team is expert and fast in getting your home or commercial building back to its normal safe condition: clear of all overt and covert mold. Our specialized equipment is designed to detect mold at molecular levels and we employ the most advanced chemical agents to remove the mold infestation wherever it is growing. San Jose (Oakland, Santa Clara, all surrounding East Bay cities)

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A fast and knowledgable response to your small or large mold problem is absolutely necessary for health and structural integrity, and our team is ready to as quickly as possible bring our expertise and science to eradicating the mold infesting your property.

Mold can come from a wide variety of wet sources - it is universally present: including water damage, rainy seasons (atmospheric rivers we're experiencing in the Bay Area), humid hot summers. The potential for mold is almost always overlooked by homeowners and business owners or managers.

That’s why in the first observation of mold, which may be by sight or odor, it’s critical to reach out to our mold removal expert team.

In large blooms of black mold or other molds there is the real possibility of human respiratory problems or allergic reactions. Mold spores are extremely small and of almost no weight (can stay airborn) and are easily transported across all the surfaces and materials of your home or business.

Keep an eye out for discoloration on your walls. The color of mold is quite a wide range, from black to gray, brown, green, orange to white.

As soon as you spot any blooming of mold anywhere in your home or commercial business or industrial plant, call us right away.

If you don’t know if the mold bloom is a danger to people and property or needs remediation, then our team will first visit your home or business to inspect it to get the process started.

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